Our Colloquium calendar is structured using Benedictine Values of focus. St. Benedict wrote in his Rule ways in which imperfect people can live in community with one another. We explore these values through our student development programming and during colloquia; we strive to demonstrate these values through daily interations and self-reflection.
Our Benedictine Values of focus for 2014-2015 include:

Awareness of God  
(1st Quarter)

(2nd Quarter)

(3rd Quarter)

(4th Quarter) 

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The Colloquium Schedule

Recognizing the importance of community development, students will meet regularly in large and small groups during a Colloquium period each day.

In general, the Colloquium schedule will follow this cycle:

Monday - Prep Talk

Tuesday - Advising

Wednesday - Meeting Periods

Thursday - Prayer or Eucharist

Friday - Community Formation


Prep Talk Overview

Each week the entire student body, faculty, and staff gather to discuss the upcoming events for the week. Announcements often include recognition in academic excellence, recaps for weekly athletic events, club and organization events and meeting times, student council announcements, as well as miscellaneous student and faculty notices.

Advising Overview

The advising program is designed to afford each student an advisor who will be with him/her throughout the four years in the Upper School. Each upper school student is assigned to a faculty advisor, along with 10-15 other students. The advising groups are made up of students of the same grade level, and the groups stay together for the four years. In advising, which meets once or twice weekly throughout the year students are helped in their transition to Saint John's Preparatory School and are given grade appropriate information to help them in the process of choosing and being admitted to college. The senior year includes materials and activities to aid in the transition to college.

Role of the Advisor

Advisors receive grade reports for their advisees and are encouraged to discuss academic progress with their advisees. The advisors also bring concerns that they may have about their advisees to the counselors or Principal as appropriate. The advisors are often the first to detect problem areas and are also alerted to any special needs their advisees may have. Advisors assist their advisees as they choose a course of study each year.

Meeting Overview

Saint John's Prep School offers over 40 clubs, sports, and activities. Most of our students are involved in a number of various activities. The meeting period affords students the opportunity to gather as a club or team and discuss recent past, present matters, and future endeavors.


Eucharist/Prayer Overview

Answering the motto of St. Benedict, "That In All Things May God Be Glorified," religious celebrations are offered to support the faith and good work of the Prep community.

Eucharist Liturgies

Eucharist Liturgies are celebrated at least once a month and attendance is required of all persons. Liturgies are offered in the spirit of Vatican II, are inclusive of Prep community members, featuring student musicians and opportunities for members of various Christian and non-Christian traditions to participate.


Prayer and reflection are central to the Benedictine life and the unity of the Christian family. Prayer services are offered approximately once a week. Prayer forms are diverse and include: Taizé, the monastic liturgy of the hours, praise and worship, community meditation, blessings, anointing, and interfaith presentations.

Community Formation Overview

It is important for us to gather as a school and witness, discuss, or celebrate various happenings in our community. Community formation events involve guest speakers, area business leaders, prominent alumni, surveys, pep fests, and interactive activities.

ISACS - independent schools association of the central states - accredited member school