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Work Study Information

For domestic students over 16 years of age, the option for students to participate in work study is included as part of their financial aid award package. Students can contribute to their tuition by working at the school during summer months. There are a limited opportunities available on an application-basis throughout the school year. 

Payroll Forms

All student employees are required to complete the attached wage reporting forms before a student can be paid (or credited) for any work completed at Saint John’s Preparatory School.  Please go over these forms with your student so that they understand what each form means.  They are self-explanatory.  The school is not allowed to offer advice on how to complete the forms if they are not completed at the time they are presented.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  Your son/daughter will need to complete and sign each form and provide ORIGINAL documentation as specified.


The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 require employers to verify the citizenship of all individuals employed after November 6, 1986.  To establish employment eligibility, you must present original documents (they will be returned to you) from the lists found on the back of the EMPLOYMENT ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION (Form I-9)Complete Section I of this form only.  To satisfy the requirements of the law, you must submit one (1) document from List A OR one (1) document from List B and one (1) document from List C (found on the reversed side of the I-9 form).  You must present these documents to the Student Accounts Office.  UnderINS regulations, photocopies are not acceptable except in the case of a certified copy of a birth certificate.         


Please complete this form and return it to the Student Accounts Office.  All student employment earnings are subject to both federal and Minnesota state income tax withholding.  Click here to access the W-4 form.  Prior to returning the W-4 to the Student Accounts Office, we suggest you seek advice from your accountant as to how you will complete the W-4 for your personal situation.


By Federal Regulations student employment earning may not be directly deposited to a student's school tuition billing account without the written permission of the student. The AUTOMATIC TRANSFER AUTHORIZATION form must be completed and returned to the Student Accounts Office if you wish your work-study earnings to be credited to your school tuition.


The WORKERS' COMPENSATION PARENTAL PERMISSION form is prepared for your son/daughter’s protection should he/she be injured while employed by the Order of St. Benedict (Conducting Saint John’s Abbey, University, Preparatory School, The Liturgical Press).

PLEASE NOTE:  All forms require actual signatures and cannot be completed/submitted on-line.  Work hours will not be processed until all items above have been completed and submitted to the school.  

Thank you for your cooperation in completing these personnel forms.  If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Ernst at (320) 363-3302 or at

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