Variable Tuition 

We believe in the value of a Saint John’s Preparatory School Experience, and we are committed to supporting families to make it possible through our Variable Tuition, need-based financial assistance program. 

Saint John’s Prep School does not have a one size fits all tuition. Rather, Saint John’s Prep offers a range of tuition levels to match a variety of unique financial situations. We call it variable tuition. Our goal is to continue to make a Saint John's Prep education accessible for families.

To put it simply, variable tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program. Our variable tuition program allows families to apply for reduced tuition (grades 6-12), making an education at Saint John’s Prep affordable for qualified students and their families.

Variable tuition is determined each year, for each family. These decisions are made on an annual basis and we encourage families to apply each year. We utilize a third-party provider, SmartAid, to help us evaluate a family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses.  

Click here for a printable list of our FAQ's about variable tuition

Application Opens: NOW OPEN for Spring 2018 and Fall 2018! 
Priority Deadline: February 1

How to apply for Variable Tuition

Step 1: Complete the SmartAid Tuition Assistance Application by February 1st for priority consideration. 

Step 2: Provide SmartAid with any requested supporting documents by February 1st.

Step 3: Based on the information received from SmartAid, Saint John’s Prep will mail you a financial aid award letter outlining the amount of aid you will receive. This award letter serves as an agreement for the upcoming school year. 

For additional information on how to apply, supporting documents, and frequently asked questions, please download the SmartAid Parent Information PDF. 

Work Study Program 
For domestic students over 16 years of age, the option for students to participate in work study is included as part of their financial aid award package. Students can contribute to their tuition by working at the school during summer months. There are a limited number of opportunities available on an application-basis throughout the school year. 

SallieMae K-12 Family Education Loan
SallieMae's K-12 Family Education Loan is an ideal solution for families who need additional flexibility in paying for private education beyond financial aid, personal savings or traditional payment plans. This trusted program offers competitive rates and fees based on your credit.

Visit the SallieMae website and apply today. 




Confidentiality Statement
Saint John's Prep maintains confidential financial aid records for all applicants. These records are reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee and occasionally by the head of school or business manager. All financial aid awards are confidential agreements between the recipient family and the school, and families should not discuss financial aid with anyone other than a member of the Financial Aid Committee. Awards can be withdrawn for breach of this expectation. 

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