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Connect2Prep and Schoology


Connect 2 Prep is your source for information about your child's schedules and grades.

Click here to access Connect2Prep. 

This year we are shifting from Schoology to Connect2Prep. While both are good communication and educational systems, Connect2Prep offers the additional efficiency of streamlining additional processes.

Moving forward, all assignments and grades will be on Connect2Prep. Announcements will also be made in Connect2Prep. We’re keeping Schoology for the 2017-18 school year as our faculty transitions their online classroom resources to our new system. If a teacher needs to use a resource in Schoology for an assignment, the teacher will inform students about it and share a link on the teacher's Connect2Prep page.

During the fall semester, we will use Schoology for sports and activities related announcements. We plan to transition to Connect2Prep for all sports and activity announcements by the start of the spring sports season.

Here’s a breakdown of the changeover:

  • The transition to Connect2Prep from Schoology is underway
  • All grades and assignments can be found on Connect2Prep
  • Teachers will direct students to Schoology if it is needed for an assignment
  • Announcements will be posted on both Connect2Prep and Schoology during the fall semester
  • Athletic and Activity announcements will be made on Schoology until the end of the fall semester. 
  • Athletic Announcements will shift to Connect2Prep by the start of spring athletics.

Click here to access Connect2Prep. 

If you have questions, contact Sandy Ernst at or (320) 363-3302.


Schoology is a school management and communication system. Groups, teams and organizations use Schoology to share information about  meetings, and practices. 

Click here to access the Schoology Parent Guide

Click here to access Schoology. 


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