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Student Food/Lunch Accounts

Snack Bar Menu and Prices for 2017-18 

SJP Snack Bar: This is an ala cart location provided by SJU Dining Services that offers sandwiches, soup, salad, snacks and beverages during lunchtime at Saint John's Prep. Cash and ID card payments are accepted.

Click here to deposit money into your account

Saint John's Prep uses the GET digital payment program for meal service. GET is a website where GET Funds.jpgstudents and parents can view and manage a student’s campus meal plan by: 

  • View account balances
  • View spending history
  • Deposit money to the ID card using a credit/debit card

GET is always available. When you discover the food account is out of money at 11pm at night, funds can be deposited! When money is added to the card account online, the money is ready to use instantly!

Saint John’s Preparatory School contracts dining options through Saint John’s University.  The GET website is managed and maintained by Saint John’s University Dining Services, not the Prep School.   

Note:  For new families, you will need to wait to set up this account until your child has received their campus network account information during orientation.           

This is a website managed by Saint John's University. Any questions regarding set up and usage of this website must be addressed to Saint John’s University Dining Services or email:

Am I able to deposit money to a food account with a check or cash?
Yes, any cash or check deposits may be given to the staff in the Main Office at the Prep School for deposit to the child’s food account.

Dining Options for Students
There are various meal/snack options available for students who attend Saint John's Prep.

  • SJP Snack Bar: This is an ala cart location that provides sandwiches, soup, salad, snacks and beverages with lunchtime service.
  • SJU Main Dining Room (Refectory) An all-you-can-eat dining location that provides breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • CSB Gorecki Dining Center: An all-you-can-eat dining location that provides breakfast lunch and dinner.
  • SJU Sexton Commons and CSB McGlynn’s: Both are ala cart location offering daily specials, sandwiches, soup, salads, snacks and beverages.
  • SJU Schu-Alcuin Library: A full service ala cart Caribou Coffee shop, pre-made sandwiches and salads, beverages, and snack items
  • SJU Johnnie Java (Lower level of Sexton Commons): An ala cart location with Caribou Coffee, a wide variety of retail snack items and beverages, and deMarogna’s Pizza, a Saint John’s Original.
SJU Refectory Meal Cash Price SJP Day Students* SJP Residential Students*
Breakfast $9.50 $7.37 $2.75
Lunch $11.50 $7.37 $2.75
Dinner $11.75 $9.40 $2.75

*Refers to funds deposited on a student’s lunch account or resident meal plan.

Menus: SJU:

NOTE: Students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are not allowed to leave the SJP academic building during the school day unless accompanied by a staff member. These students may utilize the SJP Snack Bar for meal/snack options.
Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 are not allowed to leave the SJU campus during the academic day unless they are attending a college class at the College of Saint Benedict. SJP students may utilize the dining rooms at CSB if they happen to be on that campus for a class, event, after school or weekends.

Saint John’s Prep contracts meal service through Saint John’s University. This includes the use of their software to maintain lunch accounts. Each student has a campus id card that has a magnetic stripe on the back. This card may be used at any dining location during regular operational hours.

How to Add Money to Your Account
You will need to know your child(ren)’s campus id number before proceeding. This will be a 900XXXXXX number printed on the front of the id card.
To add funds to a student’s “lunch” account:

  • Go to this software link
  • Click on “Click Here to Deposit into a Student’s Account”
  • Enter your child’s 900XXXXXX id number
  • Click Continue

The website will asked how much you want to add to your child’s account and your credit/debit card information. It will also ask for an email for you to receive a confirmation receipt and will prompt you through the process.

To view your child’s account activity:
This is a university owed/managed website; it is based on enrolled students’ campus network username and password. To create access to your child’s account activity, you must know your child’s network username (email address without and password (email address password). You will use the same link as above but instead of “Click Here to Deposit into a Student’s Account” you will click “Click here to login”

  • Enter your child’s Network Username and Password
    Username= email address name without  
    (If your email address is, your Username is MLeighton)
    Password=email address password
  • Click Login
  • Depending on what you want to do, i.e., add funds to the account, view account detail, you will click on the appropriate section and the site will prompt you for the appropriate information.

NOTE: If you have multiple children attending SJP, you will need to establish an account for each child.

Please be sure to log out of the site when finished. There is a “Logout” icon at the upper right hand corner of the screen to click.

Cash or Check Deposits
You may send cash or checks into school with your child to be deposited to their lunch account. These funds may be dropped off in the Main Office with Stacey Schrupp or with Sandy Ernst in Office 407A. Funds processed via the website or dropped off in school are applied to accounts when they are received.


  • GET has replaced ManageMyID (If you are a returning family, please update your bookmarks!).
  • Students can add money to their accounts with cash or credit card at the cash register at each dining location.
  • GET offers 24/7 accessibility to add funds, view transaction history and account balance.
  • NEW: There is a $ .25 transaction fee per deposit via credit/debit card. There is no transaction fee for cash/check deposits
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