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Day Student Food/Lunch Accounts

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What is (MMID)?Manage_My_ID_image.jpg

MMID is a website where students and parents can view and manage a student’s campus meal plan by: 

  • View account balances
  • View spending history
  • Deposit money to the ID card using a credit/debit card

MMID is always available.  When you discover the food account is out of money at 11pm at night, funds can be deposited.  When money is added to the card account online, the money is ready to use instantly.

Saint John’s Preparatory School contracts dining options through Saint John’s University. website is managed and maintained by Saint John’s University Dining Services, not the Prep School.   

How do I sign up?
Go to and register for an account.

  • This website will be activated for SJP usage as of August 14, 2014

Tips about Registering/Signing Up

Student ID: This is the 900XXXXXX number on the student’s school ID card and on school fees statement. 

Email Address: To register, the student’s email must be used.  The system will not accept their address.   

Correct Email:              Incorrect Email:           

Note:  For new families, you will need to wait to set up this account until your child has received their campus network account information during orientation.           


  • Must be between 7-12 characters in length.
  • Must contain at least one letter and one number.
  • Is case-sensitive. 


After the initial registration has been completed, your child’s email account will receive a – Registration email.  This email must be opened to verify you as a new user.  The email will ask you to click on a link “User Confirmation”. 

You will NOT be able to access any on-line information or deposit money to the food account until the confirmation process is completed. 

How do I give others access to my food account so they can add money?

  • The card holder must share their campus id number (900XXXXXX) with the person adding money to the account.
  • The person goes to the link indicated above selects "Parents: Click Here to Deposit to a Student’s Account"

Is there a charge for using MMID?   At this time, there is no convenience fee for transactions. 

Questions regarding this website, please:

REMINDER:     This is a university managed website.  Any questions regarding set up and usage of this website must be addressed to Saint John’s University Dining Services

Am I able to deposit money to a food account with a check or cash?

Yes, any cash or check deposits may be given to the staff in the Main Office at the Prep School for deposit to the child’s food account.

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