In 2015-2016, 72% of our U.S. students receive scholarships, ranging between $250 and a full scholarship. In total, over $900,000 was awarded in both need-based and merit-based scholarships, including work study awards.

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Welcome to Saint Johns Prep

College Prep

A preparatory school is by definition an educational organization that focuses on preparing students for success in secondary education. There are so many exceptional benefits provided by a private Catholic school. As a Catholic school in the Benedictine tradition, we prepare students for success in higher education and for a lifetime of learning, service and leadership in a global society. Saint John’s Preparatory School believes that learning should not end at graduation. When students graduate from Saint John’s Preparatory School, they have all the tools needed to be accepted by the college of their choice, and to excel when they arrive. They have learned the skills, attained the knowledge, and have harnessed the values and morals of a Benedictine education. These tools are not only useful for success in college. Instead, they are tools that foster continued desire for knowledge throughout the student's lifetime. We wanted to share a bit about the importance of a college preparatory education, and some of the key benefits it provides.

Welcome to Saint Johns Prep



Importance of College Prep

Students who desire to reach their full potential and find success in college and beyond must be prepared to do so. The level of education taught at a private preparatory school shows the college that the student has the best chance of succeeding. The challenging coursework and nurturing faculty assist students in achieving a high ACT score. This score is a critical factor for college admission. However, a college prep school does not just prepare students for admission to the right college, but also prepares them for life when they arrive. Skills including critical thinking, listening, time management, test taking, writing, research and other crucial skills for success in college have already been achieved. College life is also far more complex than academics alone. Students need to have confidence, strength, endurance, emotional stability, and spiritual health to succeed. The Christian model based on Benedictine tradition at Saint John's Preparatory school offer these as well.

Benefits of Intentional Preparation

As is is with many areas of life, the better prepared we are to take on an endeavor is often significantly more successful when that undertaking has a foundation of preparation. When it relates to an undertaking as crucial and valuable as education, having extensive preparation specifically designed to assist students in reaching their full potential both in college and in life is exceptionally worthwhile. Preparatory school education at Saint John’s Preparatory School provides an intense, focused, and well-rounded education that places in the hands and minds of our students the confidence, skill-sets, and encouragement that will be well rewarded, molding them into the future leaders of our world. Furthermore, college is not a small investment. A preparatory education will not only give students more opportunity for scholarship assistance, but ensures that when they reach the university setting they have developed a passion for success and will thrive.


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