In 2015-2016, 72% of our U.S. students receive scholarships, ranging between $250 and a full scholarship. In total, over $900,000 was awarded in both need-based and merit-based scholarships, including work study awards.

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Christian Schools near Waite Park, MN

Faith is a significant part of growth and maturity, and plays a large role in the type of person a student will become, and the success they will achieve. There are many significant benefits from attending Christian schools near Waite Park, MN for Christian students. However, the benefits also extend to students of any faith. A Christian education is just different from other traditional schooling options. Saint John’s Preparatory School is proud to be a Christian school near Waite Park, MN for students in grades 6-12, and to be based in the Benedictine tradition. Students are exposed to a higher level of excellence in education through our Christian-based model. They often become stronger in their faith and develop Christ-like values and convictions. Students who are non-Christians still benefit from the model, as well as the universal wisdom, taught and fostered. Many other advantages of a Christian school experience we would like to share with you.


Benefits of Christian Schools

Spirituality, faith, and morality are inherent in all of us. As human beings, we have a sense of these attributes, a sense of right and wrong, and a yearning to follow a higher power. Children in the middle school to high school age range are in a critical period of development. A school that is open to and encouraging of discussions regarding faith and other spiritual matters provides students with a far better-rounded education than secular public schools. Christian schools assist students in understanding moral conviction, making ethical decisions, and adhering to biblical beliefs. This not only helps to improve their studies today but also is the foundation for successful and honest living for the remainder of their lives. Because the Christian school holds fast to these values and traditions, students are provided a safe environment to express their beliefs and questions openly without fear. Intolerance is not tolerated, and students can feel safe, and learn to share their personal convictions with confidence and courage. An excellent resource documenting the benefits of a Christian education is available from the American Association of Christian Schools.


Faith and Spiritual Development

  • As a Catholic/Benedictine school, we welcome students of all faiths.
  • The Benedictine Values are evident through our school's culture. The inclusive and welcoming environment provides the opportunity for new students to have a sense of belonging to the Saint John's Prep community.
  • All students attend a Campus Ministry retreat each year with their class.
  • Theology is a requirement in our curriculum
  • Each day begins with a prayer, we hold weekly prayer services, monthly masses, service opportunities, etc.
Welcome to Saint Johns Prep



A Critical Connection

A Christian education also offers benefits for the academic success now, in college, and throughout the student’s life. Christian values and issues of morality translate perfectly into an advanced education model that not only prepares students for greater success as they choose a university and a career path, but also builds within them all they need to thrive long afterward. Our faculty leads a learning environment that is positive and encouraging and challenging to help the students realize their full potential with the guidance and support required to do so most effectively. In all aspects of life from birth to last breath, a person's values and belief system will reach into every decision and action they make. By building this foundation now, the potential for our students is limitless.



ISACS - independent schools association of the central states - accredited member school