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A Class Project to Find Out the Truth

Jerry_Streeter_52.jpgThe Class of '52 celebrated its fiftieth class reunion in June of 2002. A schoolmate, David Hrdlicka '50, was known to have been captured as a POW on May 18,1965 in Laos. At its class meeting, the class accepted the challenge of finding out as much as possible about David Hrdlicka's '50 current status. Since that time, the class has brought awareness to other alums regarding the tragic circumstances of David Hrdlicka's '50 incarceration. Jerry Streeter '52, pictured at right (Minneapolis Star Tribune) has dedicated countless hours of research and advocacy on behalf of David. However, the government still has not released information regarding David that will provide peace of mind for David's wife, Carol Hrdlicka, their three children and the alumni of Saint John's Prep School.

We Were a Family Then, We're Still a Family Now
In the fall of 2013, Jerry Streeter '52 and his classmates were featured in a news story that aired on Veteran's Day on FOX9 in Minneapolis. The story centers on the closeness of Preps and the determination to find out what happened to their schoolmate. Click here to watch the story.

Also in 2013, KSTP's On the Road crew visited Carol Hrdlicka at her home in Kansas. They featured her personal fight to find what happened to her husband. Click here to watch the story.   

Six Inches to the President's Ear

We, as family members of Saint John’s Abbey, have a once in a lifetime opportunity to find and bring home a member of our family! We have the ability to finally find and seek out the truth about David’s status as a POW.  By the grace of God, we have been given a direct link to the White House; to another family member, within that White House. 

Denis McDonough is a graduate of Saint John’s University and is now the White House Chief of Staff. He is one of, if not, the most influential person next to the President of the United States. We, the Class of ’52 and the family of Saint John’s Abbey will never have a better opportunity to find out the truth about David’s status and bring David home, alive or dead. 

FLASH ... UPDATE ... CONTACT THE WHITE HOUSE!!!  IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT WE CONTACT THE WHITE HOUSE AND SEND THE LETTER  (TWO PAGES), THAT WE HAVE SIMPLIFIED THE METHOD OF DOING SO. Please click here and print out both pages of the letter and sign them. Place them in an envelope and address the envelope to: Mr. Denis McDonough, White House Chief of Staff, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500. Place a stamp on the envelope, drop it in the mail and you are done. It's just three minutes of your time and a stamp for a very worthy cause. Let's find out the truth about David's status as a POW. Thank you!      

At 7:00 P.M. on January 27, 1973 the “Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Vietnam" became effective. Forty years later, it is important that we honor those who gave their lives during that war and thank again those who were able to return home. Let us not forget those who did not die and those who were not returned, but were kept as Prisoners of War. Thank you to all who served in Vietnam and to our Preps who served their country in war and peacetime.

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