Saint John's Prep School exterior

Class of 1957


Dear Classmates,
Can you believe it’s been 60 years since we graduated from Saint John’s Prep?! Some of us have had contact and get togethers over the years with some of our classmates and they have all been fun experiences. Now we have the opportunity to get together as a group for our 60th graduation anniversary and have a great time and a super reunion.

We need everybody’s help in getting the information out to all our classmates. To that end we created a class directory, using our graduation portraits along with present data provided by SJP staff. Please review the information related to you, AND see if you can help us get updated information on classmates whom we have little or no updated information. It will be especially helpful if we can get email addresses and phone numbers so we can contact them quickly and personally in an effort to have them join us June 16 & 17 for our 60th Graduation Anniversary.

So, please review the directory as soon as possible and forward updated information on yourself and for any of our classmates you may have information for. Email PAUL SCHULZ with any updates you may have for us.

Thanks, and act quickly so we can contact as many of our classmates as possible using the updated information you can provide.

Lee Cook, Roger Schmisek, Paul Schulz


ISACS - independent schools association of the central states - accredited member school