We can't wait to see you!!
We list the names of alumni/ae and faculty who RSVP.

Emma Backes '15
Anna Bender '16
Andrew Bender '15
Alyssa Brown '15
Ilia Bauer-Jones '16
Matt Beck
Elias Beretta '12
Josiah Beretta '14
Giglia Beretta '16
Dixie Boschee
Leela Cofell '14
Robert Erickson
Andre Estevez '14
Christian Gaetz '12
Marisa Gaetz '16
Tom Grandy
Steph Haeg '14
Evan Jenkins '12
Owen Johnson '15
Mary Jo Leighton '80
Will Meyers '12
Charles Miller
Elise Miller '16
Paul-Vincent Niebauer, OSB
Zoe Novak '13
Rebecca O'Neil '15
Jill Pauly
Luke Payne '14
Matt Reichert
James Rogers '11
Nick Schaper '15
Levi Sholing '15
Tom Skahen '16
Lori Stock
Thomas Stock
Lydia Tanner '14
Nicole Todd '14
Lionel Wichman '16
Nathaniel Wichman
Brenden Wichman '13
Anja Wuolu '16




Alumni/ae Directory

Always December 28

IMG_1839.jpgClick here to RSVP!
Each year more than 80 alumni/ae, past & present faculty and staff brave the Minnesota snow and re-connect over a warm fire and enjoy holiday treats. It's always held on December 28!

There's always a great fire going and the dorm is decorated to the hilt for Christmas. The scene is very nostalgic and a real holiday memory maker!

Remember December 28, make plans to stop by Saint John's Prep during your Christmas break. This event is free, our Christmas gift to you!

Where:  Saint Michael Hall - Boys' Dorm, enter through the lower door (lakeside) or through the "loading dock" doors.
Time: 7:30-10 PM
RSVP greatly appreciated.

2015 Christmas at Saint John's

ISACS - independent schools association of the central states - accredited member school