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At Saint John’s Prep, we believe in creating not only a world-class learning environment, but also a stellar stage for students to express themselves on while growing as a person and a performer.

There are a variety of performing arts opportunities at both the high school and middle school level, allowing your student to be challenged both academically and artistically day in and day out. Your student can soar here here at Saint John’s Prep!

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Theatrical performances – as well as their shorter brethren, the one-act play – are staples of Saint John’s Prep. In fact, Saint John’s Prep has been given Spotlight Awards by the Hennepin Theatre Trust for: production; performance; performance for a student’s supporting role; as well as honorable mentions in multiple categories, and these were just in 2015.

Each fall, high school students have the opportunity to participate in the fall play, which is either a drama or comedy. Recent shows include Over the River and Through the Woods, Blithe Spirit as well as Our Town. All fall play performances are held in the Weber Center on Saint John’s Prep’s campus.

A one-act play is directed once-per-year. In 2016, students performed One Thousand Cranes. One-act plays are accessible to fewer students due to the lower amount of roles, but auditions are open for all, and are performed for area schools and organizations.

Musical Theatre

Saint John’s Prep and our students are renowned for the musical theatre produced here. Every spring, our students perform a musical in the Paramount Theatre in nearby St. Cloud, MN. The Paramount is a full-restored 706-seat theatre built in 1921 which plays host to professional performances by touring musicians and theatrical groups, as well as our own students.

Recent musicals include Peter Pan, Oliver!, The Wizard of Oz as well as Damn Yankees.


Dance is an important part of human emotion and history, playing heavily into our language and expressiveness. At Saint John’s Prep, those students who take a great interest in dance are aided in creating solo or group performances, and can even have help securing creative space from our partners at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

Instrumental Music: Band/Orchestra/Jazz

Music is instrumental in the lives of many of our students; that’s why we offer three different instrumental musical styles for them to take advantage of: band, string orchestra and jazz.

Middle school and high school students are able to join any of the three groups, as well as springboard off to perform in their own solo and ensemble groups! Students are actively involved in shaping their own musical education here, and perform through the school year for the public, at contests, festivals and on tours.

Vocal Arts: Chamber Choir/Choir

Students at Saint John’s Prep are able to participate in both choir and chamber choir. Middle and high school students are able to join either of these groups, which include tours, public performances as well as contests and festivals. Students may also choose to add solo and ensemble singing pursuits to their studies.

For more about how your student can excel in the performing arts at Saint John’s Prep, contact us today.

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