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About Saint John's Prep

Saint John's Preparatory School is a Catholic/Benedictine, co-educational, day and boarding International Baccalaureate college preparatory school for students in grades 6-12, with boarding options beginning in the 9th grade. Saint John's Prep is located within the 2,700 acres of woods and lakes of Saint John's University's campus in central Minnesota.

Our Mission

Saint John’s Preparatory School educates our students for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service in a global society, celebrating our Catholic Benedictine tradition.

Core Values



Our school is community, providing hospitality and demonstrating citizenship. Life together in this place is built on trust, love, respect and a genuine interest and concern for one another, which includes welcoming, helping, listening, caring and being present to others. Learning is a communal activity of students, teachers, parents, alumni/ae, friends, board. We embrace the opportunity to work for the common good of the larger community, one that reflects the broad diversity of the real world. “The workshop where we are to toil faithfully at all these tasks is the enclosure of the monastery and stability in the community.” (RB 4:78) Faithful citizenship in this community includes not only rights and privileges – it also includes obligations to the individual citizens, to the Prep School community, and to society. “If the visiting monk wishes to remain and bind himself to stability…, let him be received as a member of the community.” (RB 61:5, 8)


Being true to God and true to self. Truth, justice, sincerity, morality are its hallmarks both individually and communally. Community members strive to integrate the qualities of trust, respect, and civility into their actions, which in turn transform their innermost beings. “That a monk always manifest humility in his bearing, no less than in his heart.” (RB 7:62) Saint Benedict when speaking of the Abbot says, “he must point out to them all that is good and holy, more by example than by words…, if he teaches his disciples that something is not to be done, then neither must he do it.” (RB 2:12, 13)


A commitment to quality. Quality faculty, curriculum, programming, facilities, equipment urge each person, each department, the whole school to seize every moment for doing their very best . Enthusiastically educating and being educated; inspired and inspiring. Learning opens our eyes to what is possible, so that we can better strive for the highest standards of performance. “Every time you begin a good work, you must pray to God most earnestly to bring it to perfection.” (RB Prol:4)


Teaching sound principles for our students to live by.

  • Weekly prayer service or Celebration of Mass
  • Community Formation Colloquiums
  • Peer Ministry and Service Program
  • Benedictine Presence
  • Theology Classes


The curriculum is designed to challenge and engage students to reach their fullest potential. The school provides parents with monthly progress reports and grades and daily emails on school events. Guidance counselors are available for academic and developmental support in the preparation for college.

  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Advanced Placement courses
  • About 20% of juniors and seniors take college classes at SJU and CSB each semester
  • Small class sizes - more personal attention
  • Nearly 100% of seniors enter college following graduation
  • Class of 2011 test scores:
ACT Composite: 28.3 (versus 21 state-wide and 21.1 nationally);
SAT Critical Reading Mean: 713
SAT Math Mean: 685
SAT Writing Mean: 672


ISACS - independent schools association of the central states - accredited member school